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Food waste in East Riding


Before the introduction of comingled food and garden waste trials in 2008 and the roll out across the whole authority in 2011, food waste accounted for 25% of waste sent to landfill in the East Riding of Yorkshire, meaning that households in the East Riding threw away 26,500 tonnes of food waste each year. This equated to 3.6kg per week, per household. This waste was made up of fruit and vegetable peelings, cooked and raw food, unopened bags of salad and food that had just gone past its sell by date.


Following the introduction of the successful brown bin scheme which collects food and garden waste, the East Riding of Yorkshire is now landfilling less food waste as it can be placed in the brown bin. However we are still wasting as much food!


In the UK, 7.2 million tonnes of food is thrown away by households every year.


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Wasting food costs the average family £480 per year. This is the equivalent of one in three carrier bags of shopping. Reducing food waste not only has a positive environmental impact, by reducing waste to landfill and preventing the production of methane, a greenhouse gas, it can also have an impact on your food bills.


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